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Cassandra Universal Driver v.1.0 released

The Cassandra Universal Driver v. 1.0 has been released.

Features at a glance:

  • Can be queried from any language that does not have native Cassandra driver (Perl, PHP, Lua, ColdFusion, Flash, Javascript, bash with wget…), simply using GET via webserver estandard request
  • Work as web service via Tcp/Ip
  • Allows to act as a proxy, so having several layers in your architecture
  • Allows to be queried from distant servers not having any other driver, just querying via Tcp/Ip http request
  • Support latest version of CQL
  • Driver based on Python
  • Provides all the data as String. No bizarre data type conversions
  • Webserver can be any supporting Python (Apache, lighthttpd, etc…) and so supports all its features like gzip data compression, etcetera

Features currently under development:

  • Username and Password support
  • Different port support
  • BASE64 optional encoding
  • Response in XML, JSon

Take a look at the Manual for starting.