How to install C.U.D. v.1.0

First decide what webserver you will have to host the driver.

Any supporting Python will work like Apache, nginx or lighttpd.

We use Apache for our samples.

Ensure you have a Cassandra Cluster responding or install one.

Clone the source code

Once you decided it, clone the repository from git

git clone

If Python is not installed, install it.

Install the dependencies for Cassandra driver

For systems Ubuntu/Debian:

Install python-pip (Installer)

sudo apt-get install python-pip

Install python development tools

sudo apt-get install python-dev

This is required for some of the libraries used by original Cassandra driver.

Install Cassandra driver required libraries

sudo pip install futures
sudo pip install blist
sudo pip install metrics
sudo pip install scales

Test connectivity

Test the connectivity to Cassandra using the supplied example by Cassandra (Attention: it will create and drop a keyspace testkeyspace):


Configure the Webserver

For Apache, configure a site, with internal Ip, blocking incoming requests from outside, and activate Python.

In this sample we activated Python in Apache via cgi-bin.

Do not forget to restart the Webserver for the changes to take effect.

Test the samples

If you have PHP test the thing executing the PHP samples supplied.


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