C.U.D. V.1.16 Released

Version 1.16 of Cassandra Universal Driver has been released



  • Added the ability to query another C.U.D. server, path and port in sample client_samples/php/sample_www_form.php
  • Added the ability to specify the Cassandra port in sample client_samples/php/sample_www_form.php
  • client_samples/php/sample_www_form.php checks if the simplexml_load_file returned false, what means that the XML responded by the driver had a problem/was malformed. This doesn’t have to happen but it is trapped just in case. That case could happen if the cud.py had an exception and returned a malformed XML file.
  • simple_deploy.sh checks for the existence of the files before trying to copy

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a small bug with type conversion when server can’t connect to port


This release only deletes the files from Datastax python driver.

After the comments of one of their Engineers I prefer to remove all their files from my Open Source solution, and you have to download by yourself their python driver with their license.

You can download from here:


The folder you need is cassandra/

example.py is the sample file.

In the original example.py there is a typo, line 82 is wrongly: log.exeception()

Must be:


The documentation will be updated asap.


Released V.1.14

The version 1.14 of the Cassandra Universal Driver has been released.

Those are the changes:


  • Added support to connect to another port of the Cassandra server
  • Code samples for: node.js , Perl, Bash
  • Added file doc/folder_structure.txt
  • Added file doc/requirements.txt
  • Added a simple installer that do a basic installation of the samples and the cgi for Apache (base software installation must have been installed first)



  • Use of [CDATA [ for the errors, and the data in the XML instead of html entities
  • Improvements on client_samples/php/sample_www_form.php to display the original query and the request to cud.py both with html entities
  • debugp() allows to pass a parameter to stop the execution or not
  • The code has been re-factorized to accomplish python standards
  • If field is empty (None), empty string is returned instead of None
  • utf-8 support
  • Partial support for: set, list, map (Although is not recommended to use them)

Cassandra Universal Driver v.1.0 released

The Cassandra Universal Driver v. 1.0 has been released.

Features at a glance:

  • Can be queried from any language that does not have native Cassandra driver (Perl, PHP, Lua, ColdFusion, Flash, Javascript, bash with wget…), simply using GET via webserver estandard request
  • Work as web service via Tcp/Ip
  • Allows to act as a proxy, so having several layers in your architecture
  • Allows to be queried from distant servers not having any other driver, just querying via Tcp/Ip http request
  • Support latest version of CQL
  • Driver based on Python
  • Provides all the data as String. No bizarre data type conversions
  • Webserver can be any supporting Python (Apache, lighthttpd, etc…) and so supports all its features like gzip data compression, etcetera

Features currently under development:

  • Username and Password support
  • Different port support
  • BASE64 optional encoding
  • Response in XML, JSon

Take a look at the Manual for starting.