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Features of Cassandra Universal Driver V.1.1

Current version is V. 1.16.

Cassandra Universal Driver has all these Features:

  • Can be queried from any language, even if it doesn’t has native Cassandra driver (Perl, PHP, Lua, node.js, ColdFusion, Flash, Javascript, bash with wget or curl…), simply using GET http webserver estandard request
  • Work as web service via Tcp/Ip
  • So can be consumed (clients) by any Operating System (Linux, Mac, Unix, Windows)
  • Allows to be local or act as a proxy, so allows having more layers in your architecture if you want
  • Allows to be queried from distant servers not having any other driver, just querying via Tcp/Ip http request
  • Support latest version of CQL
  • Driver based on Python (official Datastax’s Cassandra driver)
  • Provides all the data as String. No bizarre data type conversions needed. Just easy
  • Webserver for C.U.D. can be any supporting Python (Apache, lighthttpd, nginx…) and so supports all its features like gzip data compression, etcetera
  • Response can be as textplain with field and row separatators (easy for bash grep and awk scripts) or XML
  • Support UTF-8 (and so accents, ç, ć, etc..)
  • Partial support for set, map, list (Although is not recommended)
  • The driver can query any Cassandra host and port specified

Features currently under development:

  • Username and Password support
  • BASE64 optional encoding
  • Response in JSon

See the ManualInstall it