Directory Structure for V.1.15

Folder structure

Files shipped with C.U.D. V.1.15

+ cgi-bin/          - This folder contains , the Universal Driver, that will get the request. has to be mapped here
+ client_samples/   - Here reside different samples in several languages and the Query Form in php/sample_www_form.php
+ doc/              - Some documentation
|  - Bash program that copies the cgi to default Apache folder and samples to /var/www
| - A easy installer that installs everything in a clean server

Files needed from Datastax python driver

+ cassandra/        - This folder has the original drivers from Datastax, has to be copied to cgi-bin also, or be accessible by the
|        - This file is the original sample from Datastax, shipped with their Python driver. It has a typo in line 82.
                      Simple needed if you want to check connectivity from command line.

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